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System Simulation

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A simulation is a computer model that mimics the operation of a real or proposed system. Simulation is a commonly-used and practical technique for modeling and analyzing the real operating systems in order to make more effective decisions.  Examples of such systems include transportation, supply chain network, job flow, airports, banks, ocean terminals, information systems, emergency response systems.

This course is designed to teach students the processes, tools, and techniques for performing effective simulation analyses. In particular, the course focuses on the basic underlying principles of how simulations work, how to collect and analyze input data, how to build basic simulation models using ARENA, how to verify and validate simulation models, and how to interpret (and perform statistical analyses of) simulation output.


    “Simulation with Arena” (5th Edition) by W. David Kelton, Randall P. Sadowski and Nancy B. Swets, 2010 (McGraw Hill)
Yrd.Doç.Dr. Adalet Oner Yaşar University